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In-home Newborn Sessions

I wanted to share my style of newborn photography with you all. Back when I had my girls (oh my gosh, that just made me sound old with the "back when I...." ) lifestyle newborns weren't really a thing, at least not that I was aware of. My girls had the studio sessions for their photos & hey, I am here to say those are precious photos! No judging here, photographers that do in-studio newborn shoots with different outfits and props have the patience of a saint and their photos always come out so beautiful! I just knew when I started photography, that wasn't going to be my style. I am drawn much more to the natural "this is life & we all love and snuggle on the newest babe" style. I like those busy, real-life sessions.

I love to capture their little personalities. They may be freshly new but they are already developing those silly little looks and personalities. They smile, yawn & even cry and every bit of it is the most precious thing to me. I could photograph little babies every day!

Not to mention when you do a lifestyle session, you get to capture your furry friends snuggling and loving on their new siblings. Hello, puppy kisses!

What to expect at a newborn session- at home newborn sessions typically take place in the late morning to allow for the best lighting scenario (bonus that usually babies are happy in the morning too!). We will utilize the baby's nursery, living room area & master bedroom for snuggle photos, though I am not above taking photos down a hallway if the natural light is showing off! Anything for great photos. The main focus is on baby; though mom, dad and anyone else in the family will also be in some of the photos. I am there usually about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. If we need to stop for changes or to feed baby, I totally get that and am happy to accommodate! I am there to make this session a breeze for you. I want you to feel your best and most comfortable.

I truly cherish the time that I get to spend with families as they welcome home their fresh baby/babies. I think, personally for me, after having my babies I wanted to stay home and relish in that time. I didn't want to go anywhere or have to worry about packing up the baby to haul them somewhere (especially in the winter!)

Booking an in-home lifestyle, newborn session is perfect for those first moments. You get to hold onto those first cuddles with baby because we all know, no one ever wants to put the new babe down and they get to be captured! What is better than that?!

In the world of covid, I always keep my distance the most I can when being in your home. I come in, immediately wash my hands, wear a mask the entire time & do not touch or move baby without permission. When the session is over, I wash my hands again before I leave! *Noted- even when giving permission, I try to touch or adjust baby very minimally and allow the family to do that.

Also, it should be added that once you invite me into your home, we basically are BFFS. :)

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