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My love for art and photography began long before Jody Grundstrom Photography was created. I grew up taking photos of anything and everything. I think back to when I would make my friends model for me & I probably have 100+ photos of random wildflowers in a box somewhere. I dabbled in painting when I was in elementary school and dreamt of being a famous writer. Something about art just speaks to me, I suppose. The ability to capture moments to keep forever still is something so special to me. I love nothing more than looking back at photos from my mother's and grandparents' childhoods, imagining those moments captured. I hope to instill that same awe of history into my children as they grow.

Speaking of children, my husband and I have two beautiful girls; Kennedy & Saylor. I left my full-time job shortly after my youngest was born in order to stay home with them while they were young and it has been the greatest blessing. Not only did it give me many more hours of snuggles & kisses, this time gave me opportunity to really think about what inspires me. It didn't take long to realize that it was still art & it was still photography. So alas, Jody Grundstrom Photography was created! 

On the day to day, you can find me with a coffee in hand & a top knot on my head. I love to meet new people and make new friends. Helping my clients feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera is something I strive for and customer service is of utmost importance to me. Drop a note to me and say hello! I would love to meet you! 

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