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Are Mini Sessions for you?

Sometimes a full session just isn't for you, and that is ok! Mini sessions are a great way to grab a handful of quick updated photos for you and your family. A couple of times a year I offer grouped mini sessions at a special rate and any other time of the year, I offer them at their normal rate!

Mini sessions can range anywhere from 10 minutes (grouped mini sessions) to their normal 20 minute time slot. I still make sure to grab those group shots, individual shots and a couple different looks. Mini sessions are awesome for families with little ones when the weather may not be the warmest, for smaller families, couples, dogs! and just kiddos. The downside to mini sessions is that you won't get as much of a variety of photos as you would with a full session, for grouped mini sessions there is a tight schedule and there isn't flexibility if anyone is running late or not cooperating great & that there isn't as much flexibility for location.

BUT even with those couple of "downsides", I am confident you would still conclude that you get plenty of great photos to update those frames, make announcement or holiday cards or just have for yourself. :) Memories are meant to be captured.

Sharing a few of my mini session families from this November<3

Gosh, I miss that warm weather.

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